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Productivity. Discipline. Exercise. Self-Care. Time Management. Responsibility.


The desire to add value to people's lives, and to continually learn from these meaningful interactions is what keeps me motivated. I firmly believe that Psychology can play a pivotal role in guiding individuals towards achieving excellence, happiness, and sustained physical and mental wellbeing.


Growing up, I struggled with vices and weaknesses that held me back from reaching my full potential. Overcoming all of this and becoming more disciplined was a long and challenging journey…


Along the way, I faced many obstacles and setbacks, but I never gave up. Through persistence and determination, guided by God’s word, I was able to overcome my challenges and transform my life.


As a result of my transformation, I experienced many positive changes in my relationships, career, and personal fulfilment.


I will show you the techniques and methods I used to overcome anxiety, depression, lust, lack of purpose and gambling addiction. My clients are listened to, acknowledged and presented with practical and goal-oriented coaching. You are NOT exposed to further spending on fancy apps, expensive subscriptions or programs.


I believe that mental and spiritual health are essential components of overall well being, and developing a deep sense of self-love and acceptance is my primary goal.


Angelo Gužvić

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